Costa Rica Real Estate Investment Options


Costa Rica real estate is one of the hottest investment instruments in Latin America. The property here is much in demand also because Costa Rica has gay friendly real estate, and the economic climate in the country is very stable. It is situated in the isthmus between the Caribbean Sea, on the east, and the Pacific Ocean, on the west. Demand for real estate on both the sides is very high because they offer a high return on investment and beautiful places to stay in. In this article we will talk about the three hottest Costa Rica luxury real estate investment options on the Pacific Coast Side.

3 Hottest Costa Rica real estate properties on the Pacific Coast

Manuel Antonio

Manual Antonio, the smallest of twenty national parks is one of the most beautiful and high-priced realties in Costa Rica. 135,906 acres of marine reserve around 4,014 acres of land area makes the Manuel Antonio Real Estate the most sought after real estate property on the Pacific Coast. This is totally protected area and is the second most visited reserved park in the country.

At a mere 3-hour drive from San Jose, 100 miles to the south, Manual Antonio is a paradise with all the luxury of modern life in luxurious Costa Rica homes.


Guanacaste province is another most attractive destination on the Pacific Coast side. It is a perfect place for people who want to buy property in a sparsely populated Costa Rican province. Beautiful beaches and long and lazy summer days are trademarks of this province which never fail to attract people from around the globe. It is quite famous among bird watcher, snorkeling and surfing enthusiasts, and also among wind surfers. People from the United States keep coming to the city, throughout the year, which makes the property in this province so valuable.


Puntarenas, which means “sandy point” in Spanish, is the largest province on the Pacific Coast. From San Jose, it is 120 kilometers on the west. The city has played a very important role in the history of the country. Every year, it attracts thousands and thousands of visitors. This works as a central point for people who come to relax on the beaches of Cedros, San Lucas, Playa Naranjo, Jesuita, and Playa Mal pais, etc

. This drives the realty index higher in the city which is in its own right is a major tourist destination on the Pacific Coast side.

These are the three attractive Costa Rica Real Estate investment destinations you can explore. The return on investment on these properties is higher than the average. These are quite famous among travelers to the Pacific Coast side.