Best Lifetime Investment In Costa Rica Real Estate


Costa Rica has been very popular destination among the tourist. But did you ever thought of buying a beach front house or beautifully architected house surrounded by the green rings of mountain? Here the key to step into your dream investment of Costa Rica beach property.

The whole country is surrounded by the ocean beaches, Caribbean Ocean from the east and Pacific Ocean from the west, which makes it famous beach oriented tourist destination. It’s incredibly constituted by lush greenery valleys and mountains filled with nature of beauty.

Why you should invest in Costa Rica real estate?

Following reasons are listed below for your questions.

You can find many amazing properties in Costa Rica but most advantageous reason to investing here, that it is a Central American part which officially comes under Northern America. The whole world is finding pathways to get a secured place in American countries. The main reason is better and high life style than other countries.

Most profitable advantage of owning a property and investing in real estate is the low property tax rate which is not more than 0.25% of legal properties. So if you are owning property worth $100,000 then only 250$ will be deducted from your money savings, which is not bad at all. They are also enriched with high luxury properties but the maximum tax will not go more than 0.60%.

Costa Rica properties are completely registered under the government law and regulations which locally called registro publico.

This place comes distinguished under tropical, semi-humid zone and has moderate climate throughout the year averagely extended between 20 degrees Celsius to 30 degree Celsius (Costa Rica Weather).

Entire country is enriched with striking and exotic flora and fauna, beautiful sea shores, and a perfect scene of natural beauty.

Politically and democratically this country is not only stable but also peaceful.

According to 2011 census, the total population of the country is around 4,500,000. This we considered as medium populated country.

Costa Rica is a mixed people immigrant’s countries where you can find inherit ants of Spanish, German, Italians, Dutch, British, Swedish and Greeks people.

Costa Rica has a growing economy by 3.7% GDP and $14,900 GDP per capita and unemployment percentage is 7.5%. This is comparatively better than panama and Nicaragua and affordable high quality of life.

Medical facilities are of top quality provided by the local and internationally specialist in thousands of hospitals and clinics and best part is that it comes with affordability.

Investing in properties is your assets which is in the form of your life saving, can also sell them later whenever the prices goes up.

There are numerous option for real estates in the form of houses, lots, farms, cottages commercial building and land you want to purchase whether one bed room house to an entire villa, like

· Beach front flats and houses

· Sea shore houses

· Lake facing houses

· Mountain or interior houses

· Ocean view houses

· Houses in CBD or town

· Top and best architected house.

Not only options for the types of house despite you can choose the several locations among whole Costa Rica.

· Best place for Beach facing and oceanic view real estates- Tamarindo, Paraiso, Bejuco, Peninsula de Nicoya, Peninsula de Osa, pureto, El Coco.

· Best real estate for mountain house- Liberia, San Jose, Sierpe, Siquirres, etc.

· Interior important place near CBD- San Jose Cartago, Heredia, Aalajuel, Apital, etc.